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About H-Log.com !!

Inspired by Jeff owner of Aviva Directory when he posted this comment “Regarding the "about us" page, I note that your site does not have one. Are you "that busy or just does [sic] not know what to write about his own directory. If I see a page like that personally I walk turn [sic] away from that site.Well, I agree we should "turn away" from your site at that point” – Jeff. Source

Above comment was posted when my small time Web Directory Reviews site wrote a review about Aviva Directory and pointed out that Jeff has failed to complete his About Us page on Aviva for more than 6 months now. So, I thank Jeff for giving me the inspiration to make some time, out of my not so busy life, to write the “About us” page for H-log.com.

(this is boring part !! Yaawwwn!!) Let me first tell you more about myself. I am Sumeet also known by aliases like Energizer Bunny,Bunny,Paidhosting,Meatpopsicle and some call me just Meat (by the way I am vegetarian), doing my Masters in Electrical Engineering, SK,Canada originally from India. Came to this wonderful country when I was in Grade 5th, stayed in Montreal for about 2 years before going back and completing my basic education and my Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication from Kurukshetra,Haryana.  Yes, I am from Haryana (northern part of India, and believe me its boiling hot in summer there). Came back to Canada, to do my masters in 2003, however, only started in late 2004. Completing 5 courses I got opportunity to work in  my field in a company, and for a year I had been working, and put my degree on hold, now this fall I am  going back to  school to take 2  more courses and finish my project and hence taken LOA(leave of absence from my workplace).So, I might be Missing in Action from all the webmastering stuff, like running directories, blogs, hosting and coding phpld templates !!.

Enough about me must be starting to bore you already. Let’s now talk about H-Log.
Now most will not believe this, but this domain was actually sponsored by a nice fellow Kabir, from asmarterhost.com , seems like he sold it  to someone else now, however. Anyways I had both hosting and domain h-log.com for free for 1 complete year. Till recently I got it transferred to me and put it on my hosting site A1 Web Hosting Solutions which does not try to eat up its competition.  H-log.com was not initially a directory, it was supposed to be my site about Gamers, and originally it stood for “Hype Life of Gamers” !!! . If I remember correctly in mid 2006 H-log was converted to a directory with cheap template and looks as expected from a noob like myself. Soon I became somewhat better at coding phpld templates and finally after spending 72 hrs coding the template, you see H-log as it is now. Not to mention the painful task of transferring database from older version of PHPLD to latest 3.2.So, the listings on site you see are actually pretty old. First link added was that of my hosting company, on April 08, 2006. H-log is a paid directory now, but it was started as free web directory. Ever now and than I open free submissions, so if you are lucky you might get free listing that H-log offers.

H-log offers sitewide links for those interested in attracting some traffic to their websites. I was never interested(nor am i either now) in offering sitewide links for PR juice as I seen other directories do and I sincerely hope that Matt Cutt and Google get rids of  the Pagerank in  the first place, thus preventing abuse by select few. Now, you must be wondering, why I have “nofollow” tags for those sitewide links?  Well simple I want google bot and google to be happy and send some love this way :), they do not benefit in regards to PR as I have so many links already on the main page and most are aware of the fact, so if you are asking for sitewide link for PR benefits than I must say you are making a big mistake spending money on those links, for traffic they might be ok if not so great ;). And remember I offer only so many sitewide links, as most of the links belong to my own sites :) muaaha i can be selfish at times too!!  Please login to Google analytic account I created for users to actually see the stats of H-log, especially the Site Overlay it shows exactly how many clicks to the sitewide links were made. I am not sure if they represent google bot visiting those sites or actual users clicking and visiting the sites. Login info for demo account as follows:
Username : demosbclansite@gmail.com  and Password : googledemo . H-log might be the first site/directory to allow its potential customer/clients/visitors a chance to look at its stats. I have to say here that H-log does not get too many hits like big giants Aviva Directory, Alive Directory so, if you want lots and lots of traffic submit to those 2.Suggesting those directories, maybe because I slack off when it comes to advertising H-log but those big giants don't.Few Other directory names that come to my mind worth submitting to are LinksQuitters Directory, Global Internet Index, Dirsensei Web Directory, King Bloom, and others you see on Web Directory Reviews (sorry for the shameless Plug hehe, but go over the reviews and see which directory I feel is no.1 when it comes to traffic and value, however I have no listing on most because I simply cannot affoard it or maybe because my site not worthy enough I suppose). So, before you submit your links,at a time, when free submissions are closed do check the stats by logging to http://www.google.com/analytics/.

H-log was  not created for the purpose of supporting my education, I have this weird craving to learn  new stuff, and I have  learnt  so  much in the 2 years span about websites and  coding, that I do not feel that I wasted my time while running a web directory or a hosting site. Hoping to keep this directory running for as long as possible, cause it’s my baby and one man show!! Recently, I have launched 2 new forums also just because it’s my hobby to make new sites.
Please visit and join them if you want:

Dmoz Resources (deals with providing information to webmasters about dmoz) and Just Random Bullshit(deals with casual talks and stuff that makes you say "bullshit")

Sorry for the lengthy "about us"page and Thanks for actually reading it. 

If you have any comments please use the contact form, I will edit this page on regular basis posting all the comments and feedbacks I get.